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It is rare that opportunities are presented to you in a perfect little package with a bow on top and a card that says "this is just what you need." Sometimes the best opportunities are hard to recognize, they're messy, confusing, too simple or too risky. I feel this is often the case with many photographers. We start this photography journey because we're inspired to document our kids. Then one day, not too far down the road you find yourself overwhelmed with the process... kids who don't want their picture taken, photos that never seem good enough... it all gets complicated... then your light dims a bit, and the spark to create photos of your kids is gone.
Beauty Beyond The Chaos workshop was created for the mom who wants to discover how they can enrich their lives, create stronger relationships and connections with their children through the art of photography. 
This workshop is designed to show you the power and opportunity of this tool (your camera) that you hold in your hands every day. 
Who is this course for? 
This course is for the mother, photographer, and hobbyist who: 
- Wants to enrich her life and relationships while photographing those people she loves.
- Wants to use her camera as a tool to build confidence, and resiliency in her children. 
- Wants to create authentic art.
- Wants to shed any limiting beliefs that are holding her back. 
- Wants to feel empowered by her art and the process. 
- Wants to empower others through her art and the process. 
This workshop is only offered a few times a year. If the doors are currently closed please join the waitlist below to be notified when the doors will open again. 

The Workshop

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